Fascinating Facts About Whale Sharks You Never Knew

18The beauty of nature and all its creatures never fail to inspire us. There is majesty to it that man can never replicate. One of the most beautiful creatures’ nature has made is the Whale Sharks. These magnificent beings of the sea congregate in some areas around the world like Honduras, Australia, Marshall Islands, and Belize, etc. At http://www.ningaloowhalesharkndive.com.au/ we give you the chance to swim with these gentle giant fishes and experience a once in a lifetime event. Here are some facts, to whet your adventure loving appetite, about the plankton eating giants that can grow up to 60 feet long as per www.travelandleisure.com/.

The first fact is a misunderstanding that many of us go on believing for our entire lives because the very name of the fish is misleading. Whale Sharks are not the whale. These are sharks given such a name because of the gigantic size they gain just like whales. Furthermore, they are as harmless to humans as whales are.

A whale shark has more than three thousand teeth. Each tooth is tiny as small as the tip of a match. The purpose of these teeth is unknown to researchers and scientists as of yet because they are not used to eat any fish. Each whale shark may have an enormous mouth with thousands of teeth which can fit an almost grown man. But the actual throat or the esophagus of the giant shark is the width of a quarter.

Just because they are one of the biggest creatures on this earth doesn’t mean their diet is made of equally big fishes. Rather a whale shark has a diet that is completely made of microorganisms. Planktons and krill are some of the organisms they eat. It is because of the very tight space their throats offer that their diet is not unique. The other amazing fact about their diet is that they eat by the tons. Hence the giant size.

Yes, they are huge, and yes, they have huge mouths filled with tiny razor-sharp teeth that go on for miles. But whale sharks are very gentle creatures. Not only do they not eat human flesh rather stick to micro-organisms they also swim at a very slow speed. This means they are very used to swimming with humans alongside. Docile creatures of the sea, the whale shark is zero threat to you.

Whale sharks are solitary creatures, but they congregate in certain areas like Australia and Mexico every year in search of food. A whale shark spends the majority of its life moving from one place to another to find food. Well when you eat by tons, it is no surprise that shortage comes fast.

Seen that white dot pattern on whale shark? Unlike what you may think they are not the same on every whale shark. Rather like a snowflake, each whale shark has a unique dot pattern which will not be found in another whale shark. The white polka dots are their finger prints.

These are some interesting facts about whale sharks, and enjoy the adventure.